Who is Shyam Tomar?

About Me

Hi, I am Shyam Tomar! I am an engineer, YouTuber, blogger, voice-over artist, and social media influencer. I developed a love for technology and engineering from a young age, which led me to pursue a degree in engineering.

I am also a successful YouTuber with several channels that focuses on Astronomy, technology, and science. I am proud to have a large following of subscribers who appreciate my clear explanations and engaging style, and my videos have been viewed millions of times. I am also a blogger, with popular websites that cover a wide range of topics.

As a social media influencer, I have the ability to reach a wide audience with my content. I have collaborated with a number of brands and companies, promoting products and services that I believe in and that align with my values.

Overall, I am passionate about technology and making a positive impact on the world. Whether through my work as an engineer, my YouTube channel, my blog, or my social media presence, I am committed to inspiring and educating others and helping them reach their goals.

Shyam Tomar

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